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antÉ – Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation of antÉ—Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems lists its activities.
This list is neither exhaustive nor limited to the items listed in the following.

  1. Research of anticipatory systems, including
    • anticipation as a characteristic of the living
    • Living and mind processes
    • Modeling and simulation
    • New forms of computation (bio-computing, quantum computation, perception-based computing, soft computing)

    Research, including experimental work, will be carried out within the Institute proper or in cooperation with entities independent of the Institute

  2. Teaching and education pertinent to anticipation
    • Presentations through lectures, internet-based e-learning of the topic of anticipation and anticipatory systems and their significance, effects, and impact for new technologies
    • Organizing and holding of meetings, conferences, seminars, symposia, etc. on regional, national, and international levels
  3. Repository of knowledge
    • Generated by antÉ’s own research (lectures, papers, reports, other documents) and from outside antÉ.
    • Construction and maintenanance of an internet-based respository for a knowledge community ( focused on the various manifestations of anticipation in all the sciences.
  4. Consulting for public and private institutions (regional, national, international) regarding specific applications, including but not limited to design, diagnostics, human-machine interaction, artificial intelligence applications, risk assessment.