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Anticipation Across Disciplines
The Institute has established the Study Group on Anticipation Across Disciplines, in collaboration with the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study (Germany). Three major symposia are planned over the next three years: Anticipation: Learning from the Past; Anticipation: The Interdisciplinary Perspective; and Anticipation and Medicine. The symposia will present the research of scholars and professionals from various fields, from around the world.

Innova Pulse

Mihai Nadin was invited to join the Board of Innova Pulse – a Science, Technology, and Society Strategic Innovation Review. He joins the group of scientists, engineers, and other specialists in facilitating innovation in various private and public domains. The aim of Innova Pulse is to act as a partner in the creative development of new products and methods. For details about Innova Pulse, see:

HWK Institute for Advanced Study invites Mihai Nadin

The Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg / HWK Institute for Advanced Study in Delmenhorst, Germany, invited Mihai Nadin as a guest scholar for the 2011-2012 academic year. Nadin will carry out research on The Anticipation Scope, and on anticipatory systems applications.

The HWK promotes disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration among highly qualified scholars and scientists, both at national and international levels. The institute appoints guest scholars (Fellows) from all over the world to collaborate with other research institutions throughout Germany.

HWK website:


Inventing the Future is the title of the conference held at the University of Texas at Dallas on April 28, 2011. Students from the Graduate Seminar in Computational Design presented their projects to an audience of professionals and researchers coming from around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The event was sponsored by antÉ – Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems and the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering. Among the topics presented: Observation and Application of Anticipatory Behaviors, Serious Gaming in International Relations, Surfing Waves of Change and Technology. See flyer for more details.

IJGS Best Paper Award for “Anticipation and Dynamics”

Mihai Nadin won the 2010 International Journal of General Systems (IJGS) “Best Paper Award” for his work, “Anticipation and Dynamics.” IJGS is a cross-disciplinary periodical devoted primarily to the publication of original research contributions to systems science, basic as well as applied. The principal aim of the journal is to promote original systems ideas (concepts, principles, methods, insightful theoretical or experimental results, etc.) that transcend the boundaries between traditional academic disciplines. For the first time in the periodical’s history, an entire thematic issue was published. Readers, reviewers, and editors alike praised Nadin’s article. IJGS Editor-in-Chief George Klir wrote, “The purpose of publishing each of these thematic issues is not only to stimulate interest in the covered area, but also to convey a message that this area is central to the aims of the journal, thus encouraging submission of papers contributing to it.”